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Discovering innovative teaching methods

Summer Institute for Teachers

About Our Institute

For 30 years, Chapman Cultural Center has presented a three-hour graduate credit course for teachers from around South Carolina. The STEAM Institute has focused on creativity and arts integration, as well as on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, to help teachers find new ways to teach any classroom subject through the arts. Through our participation in the John F. Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program, as well as serving on several state-wide boards, we are able to stay ahead of the next big thing.

In selecting themes for our Institute, we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve, to remain relevant, and to address topics that equip South Carolina educators to face coming trends in education, while keeping the focus on the importance of the arts in producing well-rounded students. 


Program Outline

  • STEAM teaching tips 
  • Guest speakers
  • Tour of Milliken & Co. research facilities 
  • Panel discussion with Milliken scientists and team members
  • Classroom STEAM challenges
  • Other activities 

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