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4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Camp for Your Child

April 20, 2023 | Features

You never want to register your child for just any summer camp just because you can get them in. But with a busy lifestyle, how do you find the time to choose? Here are 4 tips we think can help:

  1. Think about what your child is getting out of the school year, and then consider what they’re missing. Determine what you think matters in your child’s development, and view summer camps as a method to fill in the gaps.
  2. Ask your child what THEY’D like to do. Share with them the options you’re considering, then check their responses and thoughts. The more a summer camp aligns with your kid’s interests, the more likely they are to really want to keep going!
  3. Avoid choosing a camp based on what your child’s "bestie" wants to do. Any kid would LOVE going to camp with their best friend! Choosing a summer camp based on that alone could cause your child to miss out on a chance to expand their interests and social circle.
  4. Don’t limit yourselves to only one week of camp. Most local camps are a week long. If your budget allows, your child can try additional camps during the summer, helping you both determine their top likes and interests! That discovery will be useful beyond the summer!

The Chapman Cultural Center is a one-stop shop for exciting summer day camps — giving parents the peace of mind that their children will be safe and educated while giving students remarkable stories to share. 

Check out our list below to help you choose the right camps for your child:

Ballet Spartanburg - 2023 Summer Camp info

Spartanburg Art Museum - 2023 Summer Camp info

Spartanburg Science Center - 2023 Summer Camp info 

Spartanburg Youth Theatre - 2023 Summer Camp info 


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