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Are You Using Social Media the RIGHT Way for Your Creative Business?

April 27, 2023 | Features

Social Media is the perfect place for creative entrepreneurs to build relationships with their audiences. But many artists, musicians, writers and other creatives that use social media may be using it wrong. Their posts may feel more like ads and less like social conversations. Picture going to a barbecue with friends where one of them keeps trying to get you to buy something. That same friend shows up at a wedding reception pitching you their upcoming gallery viewing, stage performance or other product or service.

Many of us forget the “social” part of social media, greeting our followers with our hand held out, asking for “the buy” versus building the relationship.

To help avoid that trend, here are 5 tips to help creative entrepreneurs effectively use social media to connect with potential and repeat customers:

1. Set an Editorial Schedule: 
Your followers will connect with you more if they know you post on a specific day EVERY week. Commit to posting a minimum of  1-2 days per week, set the day(s), then stick to that schedule.

2. Don’t ask for business on every post: 
When you do post each week, don’t ask for business on EVERY post. 
GIVE instead: Give tips, Show your process, do a “how to”, THEN ask for the business. GIVE info 80% of the time. ASK them to buy (visit your studio, etc) only 20% of the time.

3. Make it a DIALOGUE, not a MONOLOGUE: 
Ask your audience what they think. Use a poll, encourage comments. Ask them for their opinion on topics relevant to your creative industry. Don’t do all the talking! Get them to talk back.

4. Use the medium your followers respond to most: Do they prefer text posts or posts with images? Or maybe they respond most when you post video? There are easy to use tools in most social media platforms that let you see which method your audience likes most.

5. Remember- Social Media is a “Pay to Play” resource: Set aside a budget for paid ads. Gone are the days of getting maximum engagement on social media for free. The good news is, paid ads and boosted posts work incredibly well when you spend the time and money to use them! 

Watch for more tips, info, and workshops for creative entrepreneurs from Mayfair Art Studios, our space for professional development:

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