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Featuring the Black Artists of Spartanburg

May 17, 2018 | Features

In continuation of our previous Black History Month artist highlight series, we're celebrating a few of the amazing black artists who call Spartanburg their home. Check out some of the talented artists who are created great work in Spartanburg and beyond!

Cindy P. Canty - C. Canty Studios


Cindy P. Canty is a Fine Art Portrait Photographer and Artist full of joie de vi·vre (exuberant enjoyment of life). She creates original fine art portraits that are the perfect marriage between classic portraiture and traditional oil paintings and also performs private paint parties.

Learn more about Cindy P. Canty -


Moses R Jenkins - Galaxy


Moses is an outgoing and energetic choreographer/dancer based in Spartanburg, SC who is trained in a variety of social dances including hip-hop, street dancing, animation, and pop-lock. He is an activist who has become a huge part of the Spartanburg community by participating in Dancing with the Spartanburg Stars, an event that raises money for cancer patients/survivors, and several rallies that promote anti-bullying. Moses has the creative ability to express different genres through movement that expresses ideas and stories. With a passion to be a choreographer who gains a widespread success through creating some of the most original, versatile, hip-hop dances, Moses plans to create a different meaning to the word dance.

Learn more about Galaxy - 


John Keenan - Don Savant


Don Savant was born from the pages of poetry in the city of Spartanburg, SC. Already 25 years old at the time of his rebranding from the poet formerly known as PoetikSoul, he has grown into his love for poetry more and more with each year that has passed. With a number of official collections of poetry under his belt as well as several anthologies, journals and a newly released sketchbook, Don’s goal in literature is to spread love and truth through poetry until no more words can be spoken from his heart, mind, and soul. With his poetic theme almost always revolving around love, he has been given the moniker, King of Love, and he wears it proudly.

Learn more about Don Savant -


Antonio Modesto Milian 


Anthony Modesto Milian is a New York City transplant living in South Carolina. Anthony is obsessed with the human experience and storytelling, he first got his introduction to artistic story-telling by creating the street photography blog "Faces of the Upstate" and garnering over 7,000 followers. After the untimely passing of his brother Anthony now focuses on telling his own story as a person of color of with Latino ancestry. Anthony is an inaugural fellow at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts, has served on the creative team of TedX Greenville, and completed "Seeing through photographs"an artistic program sponsored by P.S. 1 MoMa

Learn more about Antonio Modesto Milian -


Frankie Page - Frankie Zombie


Frankie was born January 21, 1989, and raised In Spartanburg SC. After being introduced to different art forms by Susan Eleazer of Dorman High School he later evolved into an abstract painter /Photographer/Music Producer and Adidas Designer. So far, his arts have reached the likes of Pharrell Williams, Kaseem Dean Aka “Swizz Beats”, Miley Cyrus, Terrence Thornton AKA “ Pusha T", Stacy Barthe, and other influential music and fashion moguls. While he has already reached many places such as California, Japan, the UK, New York, and beyond, he hopes to continue to grow and inspire the masses with his art.

Learn more about Frankie Zombie -


Did we miss a trailblazing artist? Do you know of or are you an up-and-coming artist? Submit your information or share with your favorite artists so we can feature them in the future!

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