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Dynamic arts incubator

Mayfair Art Studios


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The Mayfair Art Studios will be a dynamic arts incubator in the Arcadia village of Spartanburg, South Carolina, bringing together a diverse constituency to learn about and make art, discover each other's cultures, and build a new, vibrant and economically sustainable community in Spartanburg County.


By developing artist studios, CCC will establish a new cultural destination on the Westside that creates a unique space for creative exchange and grassroots entrepreneurship. The desire is to engage both amateur and professional artists in a holistic experience of creativity within a neighborhood setting.

Once open, the center will host monthly Open Studios and art fairs for local artists to sell their creations as well as host performances by local musicians and dancers practicing regularly in the studios. High demand for affordable artist studios, CCC Ceramics and Dance studios are at full occupancy and high demand, lack of music rehearsal, production and teaching space in the region.  Mayfair will stimulate the cultural, educational, economic, and social development of this low-income, high-minority neighborhood and give the cultural sector a Westside presence in our vast county that is quickly populating with residents who want access to creating their own works.

Mayfair Goals and Objectives: 

  • To establish a new cultural destination that creates a unique space for creative exchange and grassroots entrepreneurship that engages both amateur and professional artists in a holistic experience with daily participation programs that will be free or offered at a reduced rate.
  • To increase access to the arts and creative enterprises to an isolated, high minority and under-served community in western Spartanburg County.
  • To improve the living environment in a blighted neighborhood by developing a dynamic arts center that provides daily cultural, economic and social activities that increase community vibrancy, civic engagement, and economic prosperity.
  • To engage multi-generational artists with Hispanic and other residents and increase the sharing of cultural traditions.
  • To attract and retain creative talent within our community.
  • To respond to the increasing demand for affordable artist studios and co-work studios.


This project is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Carolina Arts Commission.

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The two-story facility will include: 

  • 2 Large 3D Co-work Studios for ceramics, fiber arts, metal and glass 
  • 14 Individual local artist studios 
  • 3 Music practice studios for lessons, rehearsals, and recording 
  • 2 Dance/movement studios 
  • 2 Exhibit and Event Spaces 
  • All spaces are open to the public 


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