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Going Beyond 


Teaching is one of the most important features of Chapman Cultural Center. We believe that artists, scientists, historians, dancers, actors, and musicians benefit from a strong educational foundation for their creativity.

Chapman offers a nearly endless variety of classes—everything from ballroom dancing to stage management, watercolors to electromagnetics.

We provide something for everyone, no matter the age or skill level. Throughout the year, our partners offer classes, workshops, and other educational programs almost continuously. Some programs last only a few hours, while others meet over the course of several weeks. During the summer, dozens of day camps are offered for area students. If you are interested in going beyond observation and appreciation of the visual and performing arts, consider taking a class at Chapman Cultural Center and indulging your creative side.

To find out what classes are now available, please visit our Partners' websites…

Ballet Spartanburg

Spartanburg Art Museum

Spartanburg Science Center

Spartanburg Little Theatre

Spartanburg Youth Theatre


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