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Finding creative people & using creative spaces

Culture Counts

Our Goals

Using the creative industry and cultural and historical assets, we hope to:

  • Grow the Economy by capitalizing on the existing creative industry sector to attract new creative industry, as well as those industries that need creative enterprise and a creative workforce to be successful.
  • Increase Tourism and Hospitality Revenues by using our cultural and historical assets to strategically attract visitors and conventions to our county, capitalizing on its uniqueness and vibrancy.
  • Increase Vibrancy in our county with a focus on the City of Spartanburg and other culturally dense areas (power of 10) by using our cultural assets strategically to improve our Quality of Place to attract new jobs/companies and new residents to our county.

Our goal is to capitalize on our existing cultural assets to strengthen and grow our community in strategic and productive ways.
                                        – Strong Arts, Strong Spartanburg

About Culture Counts

In 2014, we held a number of public meetings across the county to locate and identify all the artists, public art works, performance and exhibition spaces, galleries, museums, and other culturally significant people, places, and things in the county. The resulting inventory helped earn us our Cultural Arts District status, winning us state-wide recognition as an arts destination. Moving forward, Culture Counts is a living project meant to be regularly updated and expanded as more artists, galleries, festivals, and cultural assets locate in Spartanburg County.

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If you are an artist or an art lover, please add your voice and perspective to this project.
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