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Chapman Cultural Center Awards Fourth Quarter Community Grants

April 11, 2019 | Features

Chapman Cultural Center is committed to broadening and strengthening Spartanburg's Cultural community. Because of this commitment, a major part of the work we do is centered around funding Spartanburg's arts and cultural community. 

One of Chapman Cultural Center's major funding opportunities comes in the form of our quarterly Community Grants Program. The Community Grants Program awards up to $5,000 per application and is open to both individual artists and non-profits/government agencies. Learn more about the grant application process here.

We're proud to announce we've awarded the following artists a Community Grant for our Q4, 2018-2019, grants cycle! Learn more about their projects and programs below! 


Lindsey Brakhage

Lindsey plans to use grant funding to attend the Berlin Opera Academy. The goal of The Berlin Opera Academy is to nurture the most talented young artists through training and performance opportunities. The 16-week opera intensive uses unique resources to identify and educate young singers for major careers in opera. Her goal is to attend this training program to further develop her voice and career through classes, performances, and networking that will ultimately grow her talents and opportunities for the future. The program is hosted in Berlin, Germany and has a rigorous audition process to be accepted. 

Scrappy Shakespeare

Scrappy Shakespeare will mount a production of "Much Ado About Nothing" with three and a half weeks of mobile performances in public spaces and private businesses in Spartanburg’s Downtown Cultural District and beyond. They will explore the potential to use spaces outside of the immediate downtown vicinity for Thursday performances. They will also travel to Asheville and Greenville. The show is designed to be accessible. Economically, this means they always guarantee that our shows are free and open to the public. They believe that audience members do not need a prior love or even knowledge of Shakespeare's work to enjoy our productions. 

54516564_1923229934472952_3738279868752723968_o.jpgSpartanburg Fringe Festival

Spartanburg Fringe Festival is a new summer festival that celebrates new works by emerging and established performing artists in Spartanburg and the Upstate, including theatre, music, dance, comedy, spoken word, film, and more.

Part “Fringe” and part-“Spoleto,” Spartanburg Fringe Festival runs June 1-June 29 at West Main Artists Co-Operative (WMAC) and other venues throughout downtown Spartanburg. The Festival is headlined by a number of WMAC members and other guest artists/groups and will showcase the incredible art - the original, the outlandish, the innovative, and the provocative - being produced right here in the Upstate.

Spartanburg Fringe Festival’s mission is to create an open and accessible platform for artistic expression of all kinds. Festival is participation is by application and with a few first come, first serve “early bird” slots. The festival is uncensored - content is entirely up to the artist, experimentation is encouraged. The festival is inclusive - artists from a variety of cultural perspectives, artists from underrepresented communities, and artists presenting work that is culturally specific and geographically diverse, are encouraged to apply.

To continue to fund projects that support the Spartanburg arts community, we ask that you consider supporting local artists and organizations by donating to the Chapman Cultural Center. 

If you would like to more information or have questions about community grants, the application process, or other grant opportunities, please contact Grants Administrator Sam Veremchuck at 

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