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Our Mission
Provide cultural leadership for Greater Spartanburg by developing, strengthening, and promoting the scope, excellence and educational role of the arts, humanities and sciences, and to further their significance in the life of our community.
Our impact

Chapman Cultural Center

Chapman Cultural Center is more than just a destination. As a Local Arts Agency, our organization provides major funding and support for many of Spartanburg’s arts and cultural organizations. Our educational programs serve more than 40,000 public and private school students throughout Spartanburg County, with residencies by professional artists in the disciplines of music, dance, visual arts, literature, media, theatre, and crafts. We are the creative cog of Spartanburg's Arts & Cultural community. We let Spartanburg's professional arts organizations run the show while we provide the financial support to ensure they succeed. 

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Cultural Equity Statement

To support a full creative life for all, Chapman Cultural Center commits to championing policies and practices that empower a just, inclusive, equitable cultural community.

CCC Vision

Our Vision: Spartanburg is nationally recognized as a unique and vibrant cultural community that inspires creativity and collaboration.

What's a Local Arts Agency?

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Featured programs

Leading in Our Local Schools

To ensure that the arts remain an essential aspect of the learning experience for students throughout Spartanburg County, Chapman Cultural Center provides comprehensive services to schools, teachers, and students of Spartanburg County. The program includes both broad-based exposure to a wide variety of art forms and in-depth residencies that directly connect students with working artists and provide hands-on experiences in art making.

Featured programs

Leading in Our Local Communities

Chapman Cultural Center is more than a destination. Honoring our vision of providing cultural leadership, we branch out into Spartanburg County to advocate for the arts and culture of our region. Chapman Cultural Center provides a voice for the arts, science, and humanities in community development, not just to attract tourists but to make Spartanburg a more vibrant place for its residents. We are committed to creative placemaking, community planning, and increasing Spartanburg's livability. 

Our partners

Leading Alongside Others

Several Non-Profit Organizations are located inside Chapman Cultural Center. Each of these organizations represents, promotes, and holds expertise in a different cultural or art discipline.

Chapman is proud to serve as the central driving force in our community’s dynamic cultural life by being a funding partner of each organization through our General Operating Support Grants. During the past 20 years, Chapman (and its forerunners) has become the fourth largest arts organization in South Carolina.

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